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TBM Drum Kit Vol.2




Thank you for purchasing the TBM Studio Drum Kit, Vol. 2! This premium sample pack is designed to elevate your music production with high-quality, meticulously crafted drum sounds.


Includes :
TBM Kick :30
TBM Clap :15
TBM FX :20
TBM HiHat :15
TBM Open Hat :15
TBM Percussion :25
TBM Shakers :35
TBM Snaps :10
TBM Snare :25
TBM Snare Rolls : 20

TBM MIDI Pack : Bonus

About the Pack

The TBM Studio Drum Kit, Vol. 2 includes a diverse range of drum samples that I have personally designed using top-notch VSTs such as Serum, 3x Osc, and various other sound design tools. To ensure each sample meets the highest standards, I have utilized powerful mixing plugins including ProQ3, BPB Saturator, TDR Nova, Sausage Fattener, and other essential plugins.


A special thanks to my dedicated students who contributed their skills and creativity to this project. Their collaboration has been invaluable in bringing this drum kit to life.

Enjoy creating with the TBM Studio Drum Kit, Vol. 2, and let your music production reach new heights!

Best regards,

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If you have any questions or need support, feel free to reach out. Happy producing!


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